Our company was created out of hobby in 2019. Our love for design in general and furniture in specific lead us to renew our interior on regular base. At a certain point, we became more knowledgeable on design furniture, more passionate about it during the process and more enthousiast about the idea of actually expanding this hobby into a real business. We started in Artifort pieces and expanded the activities slowly into other design. Nowadays, our assortment consists of  a curated selection of high-quality furniture time pieces, ranging from the art-deco era to the contemporary era, with a strong focus on the French and Italian design. 

Our assortment is carefully selected for our customer base, whereby we focus on quality, affordability and design. We like to have a variety in our assortment between established and well-known premium pieces and less well-known items that are still considered affordable. Our focus lies on mid-century, mid-century modern, modernist and contemporary design from the 1950s to 2000s .imperdiet odio sed vestibulum. Nunc cursus porta enim, non sagittis mauris interdum vitae.

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